This Fall Typing Quest Conquers HTML5 and Tablets!

You already know that Typing Quest courses run great on your PC and laptop using the Flash plugin. But wouldn’t it be great, not to mention convenient, to access all that engaging material without any extra plugins with PCs, laptops – and tablets!

To kick off the school year 2016 in style, Typing Quest courses are updated to HTML5. This sounds very technical but what does it mean for You, our Customer?

Use Typing Quest Without Flash Plug-in

Typing Quest’s conversion to HTML5 means that all courses will run smoothly on PC’s, laptops and Chromebooks without Flash plug-in. The update will be rolled out little by little for different browsers, starting from Chrome. This requires no actions from Your part. The Flash based courses will still be available for older PCs and browser and the applet will automatically run either Flash or HTML5 version, depending on your browser compatibility.

Start Studying with Tablets Using External Keyboardsicon-html5-tablet-keyboard

After the update, iPad and tablet users will be able to enjoy Typing Quest courses using an external keyboard. You’re not required to install an app since the course will work directly in your tablet’s browser the same way it works on computers. Just type in your Typing Quest login link address and start practicing!

Join Our Pilot Program for Touch Screen Material

We have exciting news for our customers waiting for touch screen courses! Instead of forcing our current course logic for touch screens, our developer team has been brainstorming some brand new course material specifically designed for touch screens.

The new material is targeted for younger students to get familiar with using the keyboard. Be the first to try out and take part in the pilot! This Fall we will start releasing samples of the new material in our Typing Quest Laboratory, available for our customers and School Trials. We gladly welcome your feedback and suggestions!

We’ll Keep You Updated!

After the update, you might notice some slight changes in the look of the courses because
of HTML5 restrictions but the courses will still largely look the same as those you’ve come to enjoy. We’ll try and keep all the functions as they currently are, with as few changes as possible.

You’ll be updated on details regarding the expected August 2016 update as well as the Beta version for testing.

Soon, no matter what device you prefer, your favorite Typing Quest course will
be accessible, anytime and anywhere!

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