Pedagogy Behind TypeTastic Games

Kids immediately build a positive, rewarding, and encouraging relationship for typing through playing games. TypeTastic games are very entertaining, in fact, they’re so exciting that the students don’t realize that they’re actually on a carefully crafted learning path where each step has a clear, pedagogical goal. Click through the slides where we explain the pedagogical approach behind each TypeTastic game.

Keyboard Builder

Keyboard builder screenshot

Keyboard Builder game teaches kids to see the keyboard in different color blocks. Let us explain the idea behind that a bit. Think the keyboard as a world map. You might not remember Uruguay’s exact location. But wait a minute, doesn’t it belong together with Argentina and Chile? That makes it already a lot easier to locate the block to South America, right? The same rule applies to the Builder game. Letters are arranged in nine, logical color groups each group containing three letters. Believe us; this makes it a lot easier to remember the locations.

Frog Pond Patrol

Frog pond patrol screenshot

The big idea behind Frog Pond Patrol is to train the young eyes for the right movement, which is a sweep through the keyboard to help scan a bigger portion of it. Learning this makes finding the keys a lot faster than searching row by row. It also speeds up memorizing the letter groups.

Cupcake Bugs

Cupcake bugs screenshot

Cupcake Bugs game challenges the kids to actively remember letter series and their locations. Letter series will help to find a place for each, individual letter. This is a huge help for the young learners to memorize actively where each letter is located.

Letter Trucks

Letter trucks screenshot

Drop all the wooden boxes to busy trucks! In this game kids will control the crane by pressing keys to get feel of the keyboard. Letter Trucks is a stress-free game where kids can take as much time as they need to find the correct key and to drop boxes into trucks.

Astro Bubbles

Astro Bubbles screenshot

Astro Bubbles concept is simple yet addicting: catch, aim and shoot bubbles by pressing the correct letters on the keyboard. Your goal is to get at least three bubbles of the same color together to pop them all away and to collect bonus items. The main goal is to get the feel of using the physical or on-screen keyboard – learn how to fluently find and press correct letters. It also teaches the kids to coordinate their eye and finger movements so that they can tap a key at the right moment while looking up on the game area.

Ducky Trouble

Ducky trouble screenshot

Ducky Trouble sets you on a thrilling underground adventure into a mine! Our hero, the hedgehog, is on a mission to take home the little ducklings who are playing in the mine tunnels. The player will guide the hedgehog to the ducklings with lifts and gates by using the keyboard as a control tool. This game presents a new learning challenge as the player has to solve small puzzles while keeping eyes on the moving hedgehog and looking for the right keys to press.

After playing these games for a few hours, kids are already quite far along on a journey to effective typing and they’re ready to tackle more challenging exercises. Read also about the ideas and development process of TypeTastic games. Learning is easy when it’s fun!

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