Gamified Keyboard Introduction – A Fun Way to Explore the Keyboard

Typing on a keyboard or tablet can be quite a challenge for young kids. Luckily, we are now creating an exhilarating solution to help little fingers find their way on the keyboard — a Gamified Keyboard Introduction.

With the help of our new fun and interactive game-based training exercises, even the first-graders will quickly become familiar with the keyboard while having lots of fun in the process. After only a couple of hours of practice, youngsters will be able to quickly and easily locate letters on the keyboard and comfortably type words.

Through the use of a stimulating and interactive approach to learning, kids will develop a curious and positive relationship with the keyboard and establish an excellent base on which to develop their keyboarding skills.

Take the First Steps into Keyboarding on Any Device

Tablets have become increasingly popular both at home and in schools, and this has resulted in a marked decrease in the use of traditional keyboards among the kids.

This strong trend has created a new challenge for teachers: How can you effectively teach keyboarding skills to kids who have never really used a keyboard before? Controlling a touch screen with your finger is quick and easy, but typing words and phrases is something different entirely. And is there a way to learn to use a keyboard if you only have access to tablets without an external keyboard?

These were the questions that our team of experts used as a starting point for the new, groundbreaking game-like exercises. The idea was to create educational games that would help kids become familiar with the keyboard using any device, like tablet, laptop or ChromeBook. The games were specifically designed to teach keyboarding skills in the shortest possible time; in fact, many children can find letters on a keyboard easily after only a couple of hours’ practice.

Test Drive the First Two Games in Our Laboratory

The first two games through which kids can learn to assemble a keyboard using colors and shapes are available now in Typing Quest Laboratory. The kids can access the Laboratory section easily by logging in to the Typing Quest and clicking the “Lab” icon on the left menu. These games are still under development and they will get more features and levels in the near future. Later on they will also be published as a part of our keyboarding study material.

Keyboard Builder

Welcome to the hustle and bustle of a busy construction site. Build your own keyboard with the help of the crane and trucks available.

The keys are arranged into 3-4 key blocks. As the game progresses, kids will get more familiar with the key locations and be able to construct the keyboard quickly and easily.

Frog Pond Patrol

Lead the frogs back to their pond, but beware of the grumpy bubbles!

In Frog Pond Patrol, the keyboard is very much like that of the Keyboard Builder. The task is to move the keys, one by one, into their correct location. This game teaches kids to locate keys more easily and quickly with the help of the colored keyboard areas. Hand-eye coordination plays a key role in this game.

Next game coming out in January

Our goal is to release new games every couple of months; the next one will be released already in January 2017! In the upcoming Party Bugs game, kids will move a game character across the keyboard while learning to memorize the key locations.

The next three games are already in development and will focus on teaching kids to type easy key combination and words. After playing these games, kids will be ready to try their hand at touch typing with our Keyboarding Kickstart course.

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