Typing Quest Update Brings a Bunch of New Features

data-privacy-2018The increasing concern over data privacy has kept our developers busy during the past year. As a result, Typing Quest tools and features are in better shape than ever! An update was released in July during schools’ summer vacation. The most eager users have most likely already noticed the radically different outlook of the Manager. We hope that you enjoy the makeover!

Re-designing the Manager is not the only update. We have paid special attention to group settings and views to match with the data privacy regulations and you can find more information about each of them below.

No more public groups

Up until now, students may have been in public groups that were accessible to everyone within the account and every teacher was able to view the students and their results. Ever since the update, it’s no longer possible to create public groups which means that each group must have an owner. At the moment you may have groups which don’t have an owner at all. Teachers are not able to view the students in these groups but they can claim the group to themselves in the group settings page. Teachers are also not able to view ungrouped students, ie. students that have previously been placed in the Default group. Admins have the same right as always.

Share your group with co-teachers

Teachers may share their group with 1-3 other teachers. With this feature, you can limit the number of admins on the account which results in better privacy, especially in large District accounts. Co-teachers have same rights as group owners but can’t delete the group and can’t delete the tests that have been set up for the group.

Group code

By default, users are no longer shown group dropdowns in their settings (this can be changed in Global settings). Teachers/admins can create group code in Group settings and give it to those students that are currently ungrouped or in another group. Students can enter the group code at their Personal Settings page by clicking “Enter Group Code”. After entering the group code in their user settings, students are moved to the matching group.

TypeTastic! results are now saved

TypeTastic games now have the long-awaited bookmarking system and save simple usage data (complete/incomplete, time spent, date & time, number of attempts). Letter trucks remain the only game that doesn’t save any data for the time being.

Terms & conditions update

Terms & conditions are updated to be in line with European General Data Protection Regulations which is stricter than US privacy laws.

Clean-up tools for admins

New clean up tools are available for admin to easily archive or delete users that have not logged in to Typing Quest in a while or during a certain period of time.

Minor changes:

    • User search has been improved.
    • Stricter default settings on Global settings page (self-registration is disabled, changing email address is disabled, changing login ID and password is disabled, for example.)
    • Teachers can no longer switch themselves or other users to Teacher or Admin. Feature discontinued completely.
    • Old landing page “Main” not used any longer. Users & Results is the new landing page for teachers and admins.
    • Typing tests can no longer be assigned to “All public groups” as there are no public groups.
    • Teachers can’t delete users, they can only Archive them.
    • Archived users view has new columns for archived date and archived by that can be used to sort. This makes it easier for Admins to restore accounts that have been accidentally moved to archive.
    • Typing test texts link has been removed from navigation. It is now on the Typing Tests tab.

If you have any questions about the update, our friendly team will be happy to help you out. We wish you a successful new school year 2018-2019!