Feature Spotlight: LDAP Authentication

Typing Master is happy to announce that Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP support is now available.

The new feature links Typing Master with a school’s LDAP directory so that users can log into Typing Master courses with the same ID and password that they use to log into their school’s system.

Seamless integration

Teachers and administrators no longer need to create Typing Master user accounts as they are created automatically the first time a student logs in with their LDAP credentials. Typing Master automatically organizes users pulled from the authentication system into pre-defined groups.

Large school districts will especially benefit from the new feature as administrators will no longer need to import users or create separate Typing Master user ID’s.

Setting up LDAP Authentication for Typing Master is an easy process for both new and existing users. Please refer to the LDAP Guide for detailed information on LDAP usage. As always, Typing Master support is available for any questions or concerns that arise.

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