Feature Spotlight: LDAP Authentication

Typing Master is happy to announce that Lightweight Directory Access Protocol or LDAP support is now available.

The new feature links Typing Master with a school’s LDAP directory so that users can log into Typing Master courses with the same ID and password that they use to log into their school’s system. Continue reading Feature Spotlight: LDAP Authentication

Feature Spotlight: Visual Themes

More is More! Two Great Visual Themes to Choose From

We at Typing Master understand that people like variety and choice. It’s fun to change our style, hair and even our themes! Our latest update will give you just what you were looking for – two different visual themes to suit every taste.

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Feature Spotlight: Review Drill

Tame Those Tricky Words

We at Typing Master know that it’s finger movements, not specific keys that can be difficult to master and cause typos. In addition to spelling, students typically struggle with specific key combinations or words that we at Typing Master call ”tricky words.” Typing tricky words can be frustrating as it results in increased mistakes and slower typing speed. That’s why the Review Drill comes in handy. It’s tailored to each student because Typing Master identifies each student’s own specific tricky words and selects those words for targeted practice.

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