Typing Quest Hops On To Tablets

The wait is over – our keyboarding courses are now available also for tablets! All the engaging keyboarding exercises that you have enjoyed on computers are now brought over to tablets in every detail. The Study Area has also been given a new refreshed look to make it a pleasure to use on touch screen.
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Gamified Keyboard Introduction – A Fun Way to Explore the Keyboard

Typing on a keyboard or tablet can be quite a challenge for young kids. Luckily, we are now creating an exhilarating solution to help little fingers find their way on the keyboard — a Gamified Keyboard Introduction.
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Feature Spotlight: Single Sign-On (SSO Integration)

We know how hard it is to memorize multiple usernames and passwords to different services. After months of development, we are happy to announce that from now on you can integrate Typing Quest with your school directory using Active Directory Federation Services (SAML 2.0). Later this year we will be supporting GSuite (Google Apps) as well,giving your students a chance to login to Typing Quest using their Google account.

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South Carolina Department of Education (SCDE) Keyboarding Program

When Typing Master Inc.’s U.S. Sales Manager Ruth Marasco and Marketing Communication Coordinator from Typing Master’s Finnish headquarters, Sini Taskinen, traveled to South Carolina in October 2015 to visit schools and districts that are participating in Virtual SC’s Elementary Keyboarding Program, they ended up having more of an adventure than they had expected. Historic floods and reports of escaped hippos and alligators from the zoo reminded them of the colorful scenes and adventurous spirit of the company’s keyboarding program, Typing Quest. In fact, the pair was in Columbia to meet with Sharon Dublin, coordinator for the Elementary Keyboarding Program, to visit a number of school districts and to streamline the use of Typing Quest in South Carolina schools.
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This Fall Typing Quest Conquers HTML5 and Tablets!

You already know that Typing Quest courses run great on your PC and laptop using the Flash plugin. But wouldn’t it be great, not to mention convenient, to access all that engaging material without any extra plugins with PCs, laptops – and tablets!

To kick off the school year 2016 in style, Typing Quest courses are updated to HTML5. This sounds very technical but what does it mean for You, our Customer?

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Typing Master is now Typing Quest!

Typing Master has gone through a major upgrade these past few years. First we updated all courses to Flash and adjusted the outlook to be more colorful and adventure-like. Then, last year we released a brand new Keyboarding Kickstart course giving younger kids a chance to take the plunge into keyboarding without having to know too much about typing from the get-go.
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Feature Spotlight: Keyboarding Kickstart

All Lessons of Keyboarding Kickstart Course Are Now Available

Kids are naturals at learning, but the approach needs to be correct. Typing Master’s new Keyboarding Kickstart course is specifically designed for young children to get all ten of their little fingers moving. The course features exciting, interactive games to catch kids’ attention and keep it there so learning can happen naturally. By turning their keyboard into a gaming board, Keyboarding Kickstart teaches touch typing basics in a gently challenging and totally engaging way that doesn’t overstimulate. The colorful games feature fish, fruit and arrows that children catch with specific fingers while on-screen hands set a visual example which to imitate. Kids progress from focusing on only a few fingers on one hand all the way to all ten fingers engaged on the keyboard.

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From Test to Success – LDAP Integration Pilot with South Kitsap School District

Case_studySouth Kitsap School District (SKSD) in Washington State, USA has a goal to have keyboarding basics learned by grade 6 as part of the Common Core State Standards Initiative. In Spring 2014, Derry Lyons, Director of IT Services for SKSD contacted Typing Master regarding the possibility of LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) in their pilot of Typing Master typing courses for the upcoming school year. The school district was familiar with Typing Master from its screening of online typing tools in the spring and was looking for the best fit to integrate the keyboarding courses into their existing school systems.
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August Update Brings Voice-overs and a Playful Keyboard Introduction

By popular demand, Typing Master’s August update will include some features that our customers have been wishing for! Children will especially enjoy the features as they kick off the new school year. Your friendly but until now silent guide Alex will finally have his vocal debut! In addition, the update will include games geared toward Kindergarten through Second Graders to introduce them to the keyboard. The new features are a great way to welcome returning students and new students alike to Typing Master courses!
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Typing Master Courses Span the Globe

Typing Master courses know no borders! Keyboarding skills are essential so it may not come as a shock to learn that people aged 7-100 have learned to keyboard with Typing Master’s proven course system. You might be surprised though that Typing Master software is currently used in over 160 countries and territories around the world! It seems that people around the world appreciates our friendly courses and thoughtful approach to learning to keyboard.
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