August Update Brings Voice-overs and a Playful Keyboard Introduction

By popular demand, Typing Master’s August update will include some features that our customers have been wishing for! Children will especially enjoy the features as they kick off the new school year. Your friendly but until now silent guide Alex will finally have his vocal debut! In addition, the update will include games geared toward Kindergarten through Second Graders to introduce them to the keyboard. The new features are a great way to welcome returning students and new students alike to Typing Master courses!

Alex Breaks His Silence!

Surely by now you’re familiar with Alex, the face of Typing Master and your guide around the Island. Alex’s friendly face and helpful advice are seen on info screens through-out Typing Master courses. Up until now he’s been more of the strong, silent type but will soon have a voice of his own!

Alex’s much anticipated vocal debut will occur in August and be featured initially in the Junior Course info screens with instructional voice-over. We asked our customers to participate in the process of selecting Alex’s voice – and here he is, voted by you!

Kindergarten – Second Graders Get a Playful Introduction

Typing Master is pleased to announce a special new course, which is specifically tailored to children in Kindergarten through Second Grade. Children learn easily and rapidly provided the source is fun and keeps their attention. In this spirit, Typing Master has developed its new course to be a pressure free introduction for children to get acquainted with the keyboard.

By playing the various games that include balloons, fish and fruit, children develop motor control in preparation for proper keyboarding courses later. The thing is, it’s so much fun that we think children won’t even realize they’re learning important keyboarding basics! Alex and his friendly voice will be there too to guide kids on info screens.

Our new course is intended to inspire and teach children basic keyboard protocol like placing fingers on the home row and keeping them there. The games develop fine motor skills as children practice controlled movements and cue them to find keys without peeking.

We think it’s never too early to start learning important skills like keyboarding if the approach is correct. We hope children as well as adults will enjoy our new games to support keyboarding development.

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