5 Shortcuts to Increase Your Typing Speed

We all know that typing speed matters.  Whether you’re applying for a job as a paralegal or an executive assistant, being able to type quickly and accurately might be the only skill that stands between you and another equally qualified applicant.

Can you type 65+ words per minute?  If you didn’t have the benefit of taking a typing course or two in school, that might not be the case.  So, how do you get those skills up to par in a short period of time so that you can compete for these high paying positions?

Here’s 5 shortcuts that will help you increase your typing speed in no time.  We don’t guarantee overnight results but, if you follow these tips you’ll definitely get a leg up on the competition.

Technique Matters

Touch typing is 80% technique, 10% accuracy and 10% speed.  People who are masters at touch typing will tell you that without proper hand position and typing technique, you’ll only be able to type so fast.

Think about it, there is no way that the person using the hunt and peck method will ever be as fast as someone who uses proper technique on a QWERTY keyboard.  Using the proper technique will make learning to type much easier and open a world of opportunities when it comes to increasing typing speed.

Errors are Opportunities for Improvement

When you first start learning to touch type, you’re going to make some errors.  In fact you might make a lot of them.  Your success really depends on how you view making those mistakes – do you see them as a failure or as an opportunity to improve?

People who see their mistakes as an opportunity to improve generally learn faster than people who don’t.  Your mindset plays a big part in how quickly you learn and how much information you are able to take in.

Repetition Never Gets Boring

Touch typing is all about muscle memory, which means that your muscles will need some time to adjust to the new techniques that you are learning.  The best and quickest way to do this is through repetition.

By doing the same exercise over and over you will be able to ingrain those movements into your muscle memory.  If you are using an online typing tutor, set a high standard for yourself.  Make a decision to master a technique 100% before moving on to the next lesson.

This may seem more time consuming upfront but, if you do this the subsequent lessons will be easier since they are built upon the techniques taught in the previous lessons.

Good Posture Can Work Wonders

Posture is one of the most overlooked factors when it comes to learning to type quickly.  Poor posture not only takes a toll on your muscles, but can affect your energy levels and accuracy as well.

Good posture while typing will keep up your energy levels and also allow your fingers to rest in the correct position.  Keeping correct posture allows you to type faster, more accurately and will help prevent injury.  The correct posture to have while typing is relaxed with feet squarely on the floor and wrists level with the keyboard.

Don’t Look at the Keyboard

Another great trick to help you increase your typing speed in a short period of time is to avoid looking at the keyboard. Initially, this may result in more mistakes, but you will learn the positions of the keys at a much higher rate without using the keyboard as a crutch.

Because it can be tempting to simply look down at the keyboard, try covering the keyboard and your hands with a piece of paper while you type.  Or, if you really want to challenge your self, Das Keyboard Ultimate is a keyboard with blank keys that will literally force you to learn the keys via motor-skills.

Practice, Practice, Practice…

Finally, the best way to increase your typing speed is through good old practice.  While practice isn’t necessarily a shortcut and requires dedicated effort, it really is the best way to see results.  Even if you practice your typing skills for 30 minutes each day for a month, you will see an improvement that can make all the difference in helping you land your dream job.


120 thoughts on “5 Shortcuts to Increase Your Typing Speed

      1. There were multiple ideas given to improve your speed. Your response was singular. Should have commented: “thank you so much for these good ideas.”


      1. these are not good and I know it says that they are not a 100% guarantee but it really stinks… don’t help me at all!!!!!!


    1. try learning how to type using all your fingers like typing in a typewriter practice using the pinky fingers from “a” and “;” and work your way to “f” and “j” and reaching “g” and “h” do the same for those upper letters and lower keys. make sure to repeat the letters as you practice then go to words. This is how I learned touch typing without looking at the keys and even typing what the customer was telling me when I was an agent more than 10 years ago. I am still good I taking dictations. PRACTICE PRACTICE AND PRACTICE. It does pay off to practice. Before you know it you can now type your thoughts without breaking your momentum of thoughts like your brain is at the tip of your fingertips.


  1. This does work. This is exactly how you would learn while you are in computer course in college and/or in a high school class. It’s not an overnight result. This will take at least a month or 2 to get your GWAM up to 60. The 2 things that I agree with in this post is; do not look at your hands (cover them up if you keep peeking), and practice over and over till you get 100% on each one. The problem is that you are probably looking for an overnight solution. Hate to break it to you, but there is not an overnight solution for learning to type. If you really want those “higher paying jobs” you have to work for them just as you would for keying. I bet you are a fast texter. I wonder why? Lots of practice and repetitive messages right? Once you get the accuracy up then slowly work on making yourself go fast. In high school, I was pushing 80GWAM. Once I left college, I was pushing out 98. It’s going to hurt, yes, but it’s just like working out, let your muscles rest when they start to ache.

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    1. Your advice is good Matt. Hopefully people will listen. I also used to have people read to me and I would type what was said (also punctuating as I went along). You have to keep up with their reading style. It worked well for me.


  2. Actually, it doesn’t really matter what technique you use. I don’t use the home row, I just remember where the keys are located and hit them as fast and as accurate as I can. Just choose what’s comfortable for you. I, for one, become extremely slow when using the home row.


    1. I believe that too. I dont use the home row and it’s just much faster for me. I can get up to 70 words per second whilst trying, although at my age it really isn’t that necessary to go fast. For some people using home row is easier, whilst for others it may not.


      1. O! M! G! Finally someone who understands! By the way it took me 2 days to finish the 1st sentance and 6 for the 2nd one.


      2. I typically use wasd, as if I were playing a game. It’s how I grew up, and I can get about 80-90 wpm with 1 or 2 errors.


  3. Everything suggested is actually good advice, although the stupid “Errors are Opportunities for Improvement” paragraph is a load of BS.


  4. I agree with this method. My past career has been in the Medical field and now I am looking to change my career path. I have been typing for a month and reached 46 WPM but for some reason, I have not succeeded at this again. I know with persistence I will be able to consistently type the minimum 41 WPM and be able to add this to my resume and open many doors for me.
    Good Luck to all!


    1. I learned to type on a manual Remington. We were taught to put our fingers on the home row – left hand forefinger on F, middle finger on d; ring finger on s and pinkie on a; right hand, forefinger on j; middle finger on k; ring finger on l; and pinkie on ;:. Then it was AAAABBBBCCCC, etc. etc. With a class of 40 students, you could hear when someone hit the wrong key – but we practiced all the time. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE is what it is all about. on the adding machine – same thing. You will get to the point where you start typing and you hit the wrong key, you feel it. You know you made an error. I was so excited when we were given electric typewriters, your speed increased so much! Now with computer keyboards, wow! You can type like a MACHINE! Good luck!


  5. some people here wants to try the suggestions and then be a master in just one day.. work your asses to figure out the technique stop complaining when you’re just typing for a day.. try to type for three months or just even 1 month and see the difference.. that’s why the admin repeated the words PRACTICE! PRACTICE! PRACTICE! if you know what it means then do it,


    1. The suggestions here do help. During my keyboarding class in college, the professor would require us to blindfold or cover the computer monitors to check our accuracy. You could never peep in these exercises.

      She would also tell us to cover the screens and type the words from a typing test book within the given time. It helped us with our accuracy and speed.

      To check our speed, we used Typing Master.

      The typing exercises helped a lot. Now, I could type 60-70 words per minute.

      The key is to be familiar with the position of your fingers, especially the home row position. When your fingers are already familiar with the letters “assigned” to them, you could try typing the words THE QUICK BROWN FOX JUMPS OVER THE LAZY DOG many times. This sentence has each letter of the alphabet, so all of your fingers can touch the keys.

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  6. the real shortcut is to practice these common patterns as they are part of many words:
    the ing tion est and int ship nth ear ore eal ate ted one ame tor ine ave ound age own ill son ink rink eed ast you utt ity

    Then work on practicing the most common words. Don’t just practice typing random stuff like ddd sss sds.. the real speed comes from not even having to think about the letters in words


  7. PLEASE DO NOT post vulgar, senseless, STUPID, remarks like the one made by ” Niggers 69 420, and you wonder why White People have negative feelings about BLACK PEOPLE, REALLY!!!!!!!!!!!

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    1. You’re a fool if you think for a single second that a black person would have the screen name “Niggers 69 420”. Nice casual racism though.


  8. Skip all of that and just find Mario Teaches Typing. That was we used in computer class in the 90’s and I’m typing 100 WPM with 99% accuracy today…and have been for years.


  9. I learned touch typing by intuition, and don’t use any specific technique. Still, I consistently reach over 400 characters per minute (80-90 WPM on the tests here). As I am not even using all of my fingers, I wouldn’t confirm it is 80% technique, speed also matters! But maybe when I use a better technique I could become even faster …


  10. I don’t use the home row. I really, truly, don’t. And you know what? I’m close to getting 80 WPM. I didn’t practice these techniques. Do you want to know why?
    They slowed me down.
    I know, it’s expected! This whole “it takes time” thing is a load of BS. Be comfortable when you type! Type however you want. I don’t type like a normal person, my fingers are all over the keyboard. I really only use about 3 fingers when I type.
    And yet I get around 75-80 WPM.
    So no, I didn’t try these techniques. And no, I’m not going to. Because I think that my typing speed is fine already. I still look at the keyboard when I type sometimes, because that’s why the letters are printed on. FOR YOU TO LOOK AT THEM. It is perfectly fine to look at the keyboard.


  11. I tried your sample lesson “e & i” – you seem to have the US layout hardcoded into it, because every time I typed with my right pinky, hitting the “ö” on my German keyboard it said I had made a mistake & wouldn’t let me get past it.
    You might want to consider changing something about that. I was looking forward to that free lesson.


  12. Hi there, I use my home keys, I don’t peek and I am pretty accurate but I can only seem to type 60 wpm with one error. How can I get faster??


  13. Currently I have 80+ WPM and I want to improve more and reaching 100WPM. and from the list above, I think I’m practicing it from the start, is there a way for me to improve since I hava new project about encoding lyrics and chords that requires much speed on my typing technique.

    thanks in advance.


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