Ode to the Typewriter: Not Your Mom’s Typing Lessons

shutterstock_1170045011In today’s fast paced and modern world, its hard to believe that the keyboards attached to practically every computer once originated from the typewriter.  That now almost obsolete piece of machinery that literally changed the way we communicate.

The introduction of the typewriter allowed for faster document transcription, letter writing and it opened up an abundance of job opportunities for women.  While computer word processing is still quite similar to that of the typewriter era, a variety of differences have developed, as well.  Today, it is imperative for nearly every job applicant to have keyboarding skills. In fact, many positions require that the applicant take a wpm test as part of the application process.

Starting around the 1950′s, typing lessons were often a requirement for high school girls.  For women, learning to type allowed them a skill that could assist in landing a job.  Fast forward to the 21st century and typing lessons are still taught in schools.

Now, keyboarding techniques have been implemented into the curriculum and are a requirement for both girls and boys.  The difference between now and then however, is that many schools offer typing lessons as an elective.   As crazy as it may sound, many adults do not know how to type even in our modern world.

Typing Skills Are a Must in Today’s World

The global job market is extremely competitive, which means that typing and keyboarding skills are very important. The good news is that there are plenty of easy ways for people with little to no typing skills to learn to type, many of which are free of charge.

Free typing lessons allow students to learn the very basics of typing, similar to what our mothers and their mothers may have learned in school.  Some programs even teach students the various keyboarding online techniques required for many office jobs.

For those in need of more intense training, working with a typing tutor, practicing your wpm skills with an online typing test, or online tutorials may be of great benefit.

You Can Always Improve Your Typing Skills

While our technology continues to evolve, the basics of typing will always remain the same.  Executive assistants of today’s world still use the same fingering techniques as the secretaries of yesterday; all that has changed is the basic technology.  Online typing tests and tutorials are very similar to those of past decades. The main differences being the implementation of keyboard features that are not part of a standard old-style typewriter. People of today are not only able learn to type the way their mothers were taught, they are given the added benefit of learning new and innovative techniques that can assist them with speed and accuracy.

Typing Is Easy and Fun

For anyone looking to brush up on or improve their typing skills, there are a variety of online typing tests and tutorials that are easy to follow and fun to complete. Individuals can keep track of their speed, learn to avoid common mistakes, and take practice tests when they feel ready.  Online typing tutorials are a great way for individuals to learn to type, sharpen their existing skills, and ace the job application process.

3 thoughts on “Ode to the Typewriter: Not Your Mom’s Typing Lessons

  1. I am trying to improve my typing accuracy and skills by doing the typing tests. However, after the initial test, when I try to retake the test, the words are moving off the pages, disappearing from your test like Aesop’s fables for instance, and I can no longer see them to type in because they are gone before I get to the next word or words. Why is this. They are disappearing at least two to three words at a time before I try and type them. Impossible to take test like this


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