Text Speak Versus Keyboarding

5-touch-typing-benefitsIn today’s world of texting, entire conversations can consist of very few words. Common texting phrases include LOL (laughing out loud), TTYL (talk to you later), U (you), and many more, and many individuals actually use these phtases when keyboarding online. While it may be easy to look at the size of a keyboard on a cell phone and think that the size of the keyboard is responsible for this new way of communicating, it is interesting that these code words are also used in emails and various communications that take place via computer keyboarding. This type of coded speech is becoming increasingly popular, and while it may be perfectly fine for social communications, it is often frowned upon in the business world, as it is considered slang, and professional communication is of the utmost importance.


Learning The Basics of Keyboarding

Since most office jobs require applicants to have a certain amount of typing experience, there is usually some sort wpm test or typing test that is part of the application process. While applicants that are excellent and fast “texters” may think a typing test wpm will be a breeze, they run into a problem when they realize that they actually have to type full words and sentences. One way for a master “texter” to prepare for a job application process like this is by taking typing lessons where they will learn the basic typing techniques of the English language. It is also a good idea to schedule an hour or so of typing practice per day in order to sharpen their typing skills before a job interview. This is a way for individuals that are so ingrained with texting techniques to learn to type in the standard fashion.


Keeping Texting and Work Separate

While texting is an easy way to communicate without wasting time, it simply doesn’t work in an office setting. An office manager may be able to overlook a few text codes that were keyed in by mistake instead of the entire word, but it is very important for employees that are required to type to be mindful of these typing differences. By making the conscious choice to leave texting for after work hours and standard typing for when the employee is at the desk, it will soon be easy to separate the two, avoiding careless and unfortunate typing mistakes.


The Best Of Both Worlds

While it is almost certain that texting is here to stay, knowing the difference between texting codes and what is acceptable language for a work document is extremely important. For a prospective job applicant that finds themselves a bit concerned about taking a typing test, there are free typing lessons as well as sites where they can learn the basics of keyboarding online before taking the actual test, and even working with a typing tutor can prove to be extremely beneficial. By taking the initiative to learn standard typing techniques, hopeful employees will be able to land that job and set texting aside until the workday is over.

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