Does WPM Really Matter in the Corporate World?

productivity_picImportance of Typing Fast in a Job

In this fast-paced world, time is money and everything needs to be done in the shortest time possible. You see that several job postings include a minimum typing speed in terms of WPM (words per minute) in their list of requirements. With the widespread use of computers, almost everyone knows how to type. The real question is how fast you can type, which is measured by taking a standard wpm test. It is not only the typing speed; accuracy also matters. This is measured in terms of percentage and most employers expect 90% or more.

Jobs that Need High Typing Speed WPM Scores

You don’t need to worry much if you haven’t done great on a typing speed test just yet. Only a few types of jobs insist on applicants taking a wpm test and achieving a high score in the range of 90 – 100 words per minute.

  •  Data Entry Operator: Typing is the primary task in this role. The data entry operator needs to enter vast amounts of data into the computer database. Examples of this data are stock inventory and customer details. The repetitive nature of this job can make a person tired or bored, so the challenge is to maintain a high level of accuracy.
  •  Customer Support Staff: When providing customer support via e-mail or chat, your typing test wpm is a measure of your performance and efficiency on the job. You are dealing with a customer in real time and they expect fast replies to their queries.
  •  Administrative or Legal Assistant: You need to send out various kinds of correspondence, and prepare reports and other documentation. There are so many tasks to complete in so little time; the higher a wpm test score you possess, the more you can get crossed off your to-do list and prevent work from stacking up.
  •  Secretary or Receptionist: A person working in this role needs to fill out forms, take dictation from bosses and write minutes of meetings. Bosses are busy people and don’t have much time or patience for slow typists.
  •  Medical Transcription: Typing test wpm speed definitely matters in this job because you are converting audio content into textual form. However, accuracy takes precedence because of the critical nature of the medical records of patients.
  •  Court Reporters: These workers type out the entire conversation in the court room and cannot afford to miss out a single word. They use stenotype machines that work like typewriters but with a keyboard layout different from the regular QWERTY one and undergo specialized training to achieve super-fast typing speeds.

How to Improve your Typing Test WPM Score

  •  There are many free typing tests and tutor programs available online. The more you take, the faster you will become. A free typing test can be fun to do and some are even presented in the form of a game. A typing speed test is of two kinds; one where you need to read the source text and the other where you hear it. Take several tests of each to improve your typing skills.
  •  You need lots and lots of practice to train your mind and fingers to know the exact location of the characters on the keyboard without having to look down. These motor skills can be developed faster by maintaining the right posture of your arms and fingers and taking one free typing test after another.
  •  Use all your fingers to cover more surface area on the keyboard. Beginners often resort to using the index fingers of both hands to type; the highest words per minute rate that this two-finger style of typing can give you is around 50. This also puts you at risk of getting repetitive strain injury (RSI).

One thought on “Does WPM Really Matter in the Corporate World?

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